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Mummy-to-be visits May 31, 2009

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Suw, a mummy-to-be, popped over today to meet the kittens, and decide which would eventually go home with her.  After re-sexing the kittens again yesterday it comfirmed that we’ve got 6 boys and 2 girls (1 of which is ‘Dave’, who shall now be known as Davina…) and as she also wanted a girl, the other is now named Grabbity (said like ‘gravity’, so that when things get knocked over they can say that “Grabbity did it!”, cute, no?)

Obviously she took lots of photos and videos, so obviously here they are for the rest of you too!

(any voices are either Suw, me or Owen/DH, or possibly the tv!)


Kittens really don’t co-operate! May 30, 2009

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I’ve been trying to get some cute and lovely pictures to blog over the past few days… but something I’m learning REALLY quickly is that kittens decide when they’ll pose thankyouverymuch and not me…

So, instead, you’re getting a posting of photoFAIL! I prmosie I’ll try and photograph them individually over the next week, specially as their markings are now settling down, so I’ve got a chance of identifying which is which!!

(last count was 6 boys, 2 girls btw.. this may change as I get better at sexing kittens 😉 (click on an image to view full size)


Day 9 May 22, 2009

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Eyes are starting to open!

From what I’ve read/re-read/obsessively re-read it looks like we’re about a day behind what’s expected of a ‘normal’ litter (ie 4-5 kittens), in both weight and development.  I’m assuming this is only to be expected, it’s what happens with triplets/quads with humans after all, and they’re all putting on weight at a nice steady rate, so I’m not worried about any of them in particular.

The weights today ranged from 150-200, and the lightest at birth (‘Dave’, the runt, and the only one that’s been named!) was 70g, so they’ve all at least doubled, which is what’s to be expected at about a week. Woot!

Being weighed:


Mama time May 20, 2009

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A quick post to show that mama’s time isn’t all nursing, eating, sleeping, nursing…

(the voices are me & DH)

loving time for mama


Day 3 May 16, 2009

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You get a mass of videos today, and 2 (very) cute photos!


More cuteness May 15, 2009

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You’ll be pleased to know that I’m having tea and sleeping soon, but meanwhile


Feeding time II

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As requested, another vid, this time with Sookie up and about and kittens sleeping! (and me talking… shush…)